Ahmed Khalid Alolowi

Ahmed Khalid Alolowi

Physical Therapist

Experience : 5

Nationality: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Languages Known: Arabic, English


Mr. Ahmed Khalid Alolowi is a highly skilled Physiotherapist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy (B.Cs.P.T.) and a FIFA Diploma, further demonstrating his dedication to the field. With his expertise, Mr. Ahmed specializes in sport injuries rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and neuro rehabilitation. He has extensive clinical experience in neuro rehabilitation, working with patients to restore their motor functions and improve their quality of life. Additionally, Ahmed is well-versed in treating musculoskeletal injuries, helping individuals recover and regain their strength and mobility. Mr. Ahmed’s passion for his work and his commitment to providing the best care possible make him an exceptional physiotherapist. He is fluent in both English and Arabic, ensuring effective communication with his patients. With his knowledge, experience, and dedication, Mr. Ahmed strives to empower his patients to overcome their challenges and achieve their optimal physical well-being.