TECAR Therapy Session

From: 200.00 SAR

Experience accelerated healing and pain reduction with our TECAR Therapy Session package, featuring personalized treatments and the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves for non-invasive and effective treatment.

TECAR Therapy Session package is a cutting-edge treatment that accelerates healing and reduces pain in a non-invasive way. This therapy focuses on the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves that increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and boost cell metabolism. The package includes personalized treatments from our experienced therapists that target specific areas of concern.

During the session, electromagnetic waves are applied through a hand-held device, creating a gentle and pleasant warming sensation in the treated area. This sensation helps stimulate the body’s natural healing process and reduces pain.

TECAR Therapy is ideal for individuals dealing with chronic pain, sports injuries, and post-surgery recovery. Our therapists will customize the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results and a comfortable experience.